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inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship

Tackling HE Students' skills gaps and mismatches through digital entrepreneurship

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Digital transformation is revolutionising the way Europeans live, study and work. Yet, not all Europeans are ready to fully participate in – ad contribute to – the digital society and economy.
According to the European Commission, only 57% of Europeans have the digital skills needed for the digital world we live in. One in six Europeans aged 16-74 has no digital skills at all and one in four only has a low level of digital skills. Furthermore, while 90% of jobs require basic digital competences, 35% of the labour force lacks them. Moreover, 38% of EU companies report that the lack of digital skills negatively affects their performance and competitiveness.

Inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship

IDEA has the objective of mapping and stock taking of Digital Entrepreneurship dynamics in the countries involved, by identifying common trends, issues, best practices and tools.
IDEA will also deploy project results throughout Europe via its OER platform destined to become a knowledge hub and an open education focal point. IDEA will rise awareness among HE Institutions and education authorities concerning the potential of digital skills and entrepreneurship skills and their role as business success factors.

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Inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship

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IDEA project presented in Málaga to inspire Digital Entrepreneurship and Awareness in Higher Institution in VET trainers and students

Within the framework of the project IDEA, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Commission, Internet Web Solutions together with its associated partner Tribeka, hosted an online course on May 5, 2021 exploring h...

Inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship and Awareness in Higher Education: The Final Report of IDEA is Available Online

The IDEA Composite Final Report on the digital entrepreneurship dynamics and trends in the EU, is now available on the official website https://www.ideadigital.eu/mapping.php In particular, the repor...

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