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O3 is the main result of the IDEA project; it consists in the “IDEA Toolkit” comprising guidelines, set of case studies, Best Practices and Lessons Learned, checklists, set of actionable recommendations and tools to design, establish and teach digital entrepreneurship in HE.

At present there are no such OER training resources available for HE staff and students for digital entrepreneurship. IDEA is innovative as it fills a gap in the way entrepreneurship is identified and nurtured among HE students. The IDEA tools are innovative as they will stem from a first-of-a-kind analysis and stock-taking for the identification of Digital Entrepreneurship dynamics in HE.
Isolated initiatives are carried out in fragmentation (outside of a “framework” approach), isolation (each HE has its own approach, system and tools) and on a high degree of “serendipity” (without a clear strategic vision or based on any “empirical” evidence on what works and what does not).

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